Llamado para programa de intercambio "SUSI 2017 for Scholars and Secondary School Educators"

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SUSI 2017 for Scholars and Secondary School Educators

Se encuentra abierto un llamado para el programa de intercambio "SUSI 2017 for Scholars and Secondary School Educators," una excelente oportunidad de desarrollo profesional para docentes de universidades o secundaria, a desarrollarse en los Estados Unidos durante 5-6 semanas comenzando en Junio/ Julio 2017.

Se ofrecen 7 institutos para profesores universitarios y de secundaria en temas diversos.

Los mismos serán ofrecidos en inglés.

Fecha límite para enviar postulaciones: 8 de enero de 2017

Información general y el formulario de aplicación en:


2017 Summer Study Of The United States Institutes

The United States Embassy in Uruguay is pleased to announce the Study of the United States Institutes Summer 2017 for Scholars and Secondary School Educators.  The program is designed as a rigorous six-week faculty level seminar hosted at U.S. universities for multinational professional groups (see eligibility criteria below). The purpose of the institutes is to provide participants from countries worldwide with a deeper understanding of American society, education, culture, and institutions, past and present, in order to strengthen curricula and improve the quality of teaching about the U.S. in college, university, and secondary school classrooms abroad. This year SEVEN institute programs are offered:

1.    U.S. Culture and Society (Scholar Nomination Form)

2.    American Politics and Political Thought (Scholar Nomination Form)

3.    Contemporary American Literature (Scholar Nomination Form)

4.    U.S. Foreign Policy (Scholar Nomination Form)

5.    Journalism and Media (Scholar Nomination Form)

6.    Religious Pluralism in the U.S. (Scholar Nomination Form)

7.    Institute for Secondary School Educators (Secondary School Educator Form)

Program Requirements and Restrictions:  Participants are expected to attend the entire program.  They are also expected to attend all lectures and non-optional organized activities, and complete assigned readings.  Family members and/or friends cannot accompany participants on any part of the program.  Please note that teaching methodology and pedagogical techniques will not be addressed formally in the institutes.  The institutes are very intensive and there will be very little time for personal pursuits unrelated to the program.  This institutes should not be viewed as a research program.

Eligibility:  Applicants should be citizens of Uruguay, mid-career, typically between the ages of about 30-50, highly-motivated and experienced professionals from institutions of higher education as well as secondary school educators (including teachers, teacher trainers, department chairs, curriculum developers, textbook writers). The ideal candidate will be an experienced professional with little or no recent study experience in the U.S., whose home institution is seeking to introduce aspects of U.S. studies into its curricula; to develop new courses in the subject of the institute; to enhance and update existing courses on the United States, or to offer specialized seminars/workshops for professionals in U.S. studies areas related to the program theme. 

Very good knowledge of English is required as the seminars are conducted in English.

Program Funding: The U.S. Government will cover all institute costs, i.e. international travel and allowances; domestic travel and ground transportation; visa fees, book, cultural, mailing and incidental allowances; admissions; housing and subsistence.

IMPORTANT: Candidates MUST follow the instructions in the link below to apply for the SUSI program no later than Sunday, January 8, 2017

Application forms and short description of each Institute can be downloaded from the U.S. Embassy  


NOTE: By applying for this program, you agree (if selected as a finalist or alternate) to have your name included in any official embassy publications including but not limited to:  press releases, email notifications and the official embassy website, Facebook Page, Twitter feed, and YouTube site.

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